There are altogether 14 English teachers in the English Department, namely, Mr. Chan Chi Chung, Ms. Chan Kit Ki, Ms. Chung Mei King, Ms. Chung Wing Yan, Ms. Foo Fong Fei, Ms. Hui Wing Sze, Ms. Sumerah Khan, Ms. Kung Chau Yin, Ms. Kwok Po Yi, Mr. Lok Chi Wai, Ms. Lee Nga Kit, Mr. W. Shepard, Mr. Tse Wun Bong and Ms. Wu Hang Yiu Sharon.

Devoted, helpful and resourceful, we organize a lot of fun-filled English activities such as English Drama, English Café, English Week, English Karaoke, Spelling Bee and Halloween Party with English Ambassadors every year. We make sure the English lessons are learner-centred and students are active in lessons in order to keep them engaged.

Helping students set goals is useful. They can understand how the lesson content relates to their goals. They will be more enthusiastic when they understand how the lessons are helping them. We use a wide variety of materials and activities to personalise lessons. We do our best to get to know the interests, needs and goals of the students.





Mr. Chan Chi Chung

S5(G3), S6(G2)

[email protected]

Ms. Chan Kit Ki

S1(G4), S2(G1), S4C


Ms. Chung Mei King S3(G6), S6C [email protected]

Ms. Chung Wing Yan

S3(G2), S5(G1), S6(G3)


Ms. Foo Fong Fei

S3(G5), 5C, 6D


Ms. Hui Wing Sze

S3(G1), S5(G2), S6 Speaking


Ms. Kung Chau Yin

S3(G4), S5D, S6(G1)


Ms. Sumerah Khan

S1(G1), S1(G5), S4(G3)


Ms. Kwok Po Yi

S1(G6), S4(G1)


Mr. Lok Chi Wai

S2(G5), S3(G3), 4D


Ms. Lee Nga Kit


[email protected]

Mr. W. Shepard S1-3 and S6 Speaking stw@byknmc.edu.hk

Mr. Tse Wun Bong

S1(G3), S2(G3), S2(G4), S1 Speaking


Ms. Wu Hang Yiu Sharon

S1(G2), S2(G2), S2(G6)




Mr. W. Shepard

Would you be surprised to learn that the two most common words in the world are “OK” and “Coca-Cola”? It’s actually true. 

But English really all begins with the word “hello”. This word is also known all over the world, just like other basic English words everyone knows such as “hi, yes, no, please, thank you” etc. We are surrounded by English! It’s everywhere! TV, the Internet, music, movies, books … English really is everywhere you look! And this makes it easy to learn.

Helping students learn and use English is what I do. My name is Trevor William Shepard and I’m the new NET at BYC. I’ve been teaching English in Hong Kong since the year 2000 - longer than all of you (students) have been alive! I truly love Hong Kong and Hong people, and I consider this place as my second home.

My English teaching career began at a small private secondary school in Virginia, USA. Yes, I’m American. From there I moved to Seoul, Korea to teach at a university, and then on to Hong Kong. I’ve also taught at universities in the Gulf of Arabia: both Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Doha, Qatar. So yes, I have a lot of experience, and this is good for you! I love teaching English because I know I’m helping both young and older people increase their ability to communicate (talk to each other) in the English language - the most commonly used language in the world.

Communication is one of the most important things humans do, and I want to help students improve their chances of entering university, getting good paying jobs, and travelling the world! Learning English is so important, and everyone (EVERYONE!) can improve their English language speaking ability. It really is not so difficult.

Interested in knowing more about me? Well, I’m I was born in California. In secondary school I was a three -sport athlete and a pretty good student. My family moved from Northern California to the Washington, D.C. area when I was 11, so I consider both coasts (the west and east sides of the US) home.

I play guitar, love sports - especially football (both American football and international soccer) and basketball. Yes, I love watching sports on TV, especially the NBA, NFL, MLB and European Premier League games.

Frequently I go hiking (and sometimes camping) on weekends, and most of all I love travelling around the world. Scuba diving, photography, writing, following international news, and most of all - making new friends - are a few of my other favourite things.

My wife is Taiwanese and grew up in America, and we love travelling to Japan to go eat sushi and go skiing. We met here in Hong Kong.

In conclusion, I guess the most important thing I want to write to everyone at YKN is that I’m here to help you. Please don’t be afraid of speaking English, or be afraid of talking to me! Come chat, tell me something interesting and get to know me. Always remember - you don’t need to speak perfect English! Very few people do, including myself. My job is to help each of you IMPROVE your English ability, and feel more and more comfortable using it. You can do it! The most important word to remember is: TRY! Just try, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. We learn by making mistakes. Have confidence that each of you can improve your English skills, because you really can! I am here to help you!

In conclusion, I look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible. Please come and talk to me about anything, and never stop trying to speak English.






Ms. Wu Hang Yiu Sharon

If my friends are describing me, they use adjectives like resilience, agreeable, tender and calm.

Knowing more about your new English teacher? Well, I was born in Hong Kong – studied in a girls’ school. I love travelling to Japan. Travelling is an enriching way to expand your knowledge and gain insights. I love meeting new people and going on trips to art galleries. I am passionate in playing percussion, love musical, K-pop, sports, especially table tennis and of course water sports like snorkelling.

One of the best ways to learn English is to have conversations with friends. I’d love to spend time chatting with students. I look forward to a career where I can help shape young minds and make a difference in lives.



Ms. Chan Kit Ki







Hello everyone! I’m Miss Kitki Chan, a new English teacher this year. I’m glad to be one of the members of BYKNMC. 

I love learning different languages because I love traveling and exploring cultures. Language can be a tool to broaden our horizon. Learning a foreign language can be difficult, but it can also be fun and satisfying. I hope to have fun English classes with you guys and help you find the passion of learning English. 


In my spare time, I like watching movies and TV dramas. You are welcomed to recommend any of your favourite ones and discuss with me. I also like outdoor activities, such as hiking. I feel so calm and relaxed when I see the view of Hong Kong on the mountaintop. Whenever I look back the trail that I have walked all the way up, I feel impossible but I have made it. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I am also looking forward to starting a new and fruitful journey with everyone of you.



Ms. Kung Chau Yin

My name is Jana, and I’ll be one of the English teachers at YKN for the upcoming school year! Teaching has been my dream job. I am passionate and devoted to teaching English. My teaching experience will definitely help students succeed in the classroom and beyond. On the other hand, I would call myself a foodie as I enjoy exploring various local cafes and restaurants during weekends badly. I am looking forward to getting to know you all. Do come and chat with me in English when you are free.


Ms. Chung Wing Yan

Hello, everyone. I’m Miss Chung. Students in Classes 4B and 6D should not have problems with knowing who I am. But few know why I have chosen to enter the education sector.

I started to dream of being a teacher when I was in kindergarten. There is no denying that kids generally want to become a teacher, a doctor or a post officer as these are the professions in their vicinity. For me, this dream has always been in mind since the satisfaction I get after helping people with their English learning is a much better reward than anything. That is why I am here. However, being a teacher in real-world situations is not only about answering questions and teaching.

Becoming a teacher is a complex, multi-step process. We are required to learn different sorts of things ranging from classroom management to giving feedback. Is teaching well an inborn ability? Most teachers are not that lucky. We teach and learn every day to accumulate our teaching experience. Thinking that only students who have assignments to complete after each lesson? Apart from lesson preparation and marking assignments, we do reflect on our teaching to teach effectively. While we keep asking you to work hard, we do so too.

Many of you may find it difficult to learn English. Well, why not start with something simple and interesting? If you are a football fan, you may read a short news article about a football match. If you like playing online games, you may play them in the English version. If you are crazy about browsing Instagram posts, why not follow some English learning pages to learn something every day? You might find it hard at the beginning. But, with the appropriate methods, you will find that you’re improving gradually. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Let’s start doing something good for learning English from today!


Ms. Chung Mei King

I am grateful that I can teach at this school. Students and staff here are kind and helpful. We work for the development of students and school. Witnessing the growth of our students on both English learning and whole person development is always amazing, enjoyable and precious. This is why I wish to express my gratitude to my dearest father, who inspired me to be a teacher.

I have taught students of different levels and backgrounds. I hope that my experience helps facilitate our students to achieve their 'personal best' (PB) development. It is believed that students' needs, abilities and paces of learning should be addressed by providing them with suitable choices and guidance.

Apart from sharing my teaching experience, I would like to invite you to explore the beauty of the vegetarian world. As a vegan, I am glad that my fortune can be shared with my students and colleagues by trying out vegetarian dishes and snacks with them.

Do look forward to seeing, sharing and 'walking' with you!


Ms Hui Wing Sze Flora

Hello everyone! I’m Miss Hui. I have been teaching English for more than 10 years and I enjoy teaching very much!

When I was a teenager like you, my dream was to be an English teacher because I love English very much! Now that my dream has come true, I would like to help my students realize their dream.

In learning English, I believe that some of you may find it difficult. Yet, always remember: it is never too late to start the beautiful “journey” and I hope we could work hard together!

Some students asked me what I love doing in my spare time. Here comes the answer: I love taking pictures of the beautiful sky as I feel calm, relaxed and hopeful when I look up and see the sunshine. Dear all my students, always remember: “Dream Big, Be Grateful, Give Love and Laugh Lots!”



Miss Raven Kwok

Good day everyone, I’m Miss Kwok and your new English teacher. I am extremely excited about being a member of Buddhist Yip Kei Nam Memorial College. Let’s get to know more about me. Not only do my friends call me a passionate language learner, but also a globetrotter. It is a BIG YES! My vertically challenged body doesn’t pull the reins on my wanderlust spirit. Some popular Asian countries were checked off on my list, I have been to different countries and cities, such as Toronto, Montreal, Dublin and Amsterdam, to name just a few. South America is now on my bucket list. Just feel free to share your dream destinations with me, I’m always happy to hear about it. I can show you more photos and videos so don’t hesitate to pop by and say hi. The reason why I love travelling a lot is that I love talking to the people of the land and living like a local. No worries if you can’t speak their languages, English definitely helps a lot when travelling in foreign countries. It will be a lot better to learn some basic greetings so I’m picking up my French and Japanese classes again. One of my mottos is that believe in yourself, unleash your language power. Let’s transform the ordinary into extraordinary in the new school term, I can’t wait to meet you in class!


Mr. Tse Wun Bong

Greetings everyone!

If you don't know me yet, nice to meet you and let me introduce myself to you all. My name is Mr. Tse Wun Bong and I look forward to teaching you English and IT in the upcoming school year.

Let me tell you a little more about myself, with my twenty years of teaching experience I always strive to make lessons more interactive. I want to engage my students and get you all excited to come in and learn with me. After living in Canada as a young man studying and working with native English speakers on a daily basis. I found my passion for the language. Making friends and immersing myself in an English environment not only improved my fluency but also taught me about western culture and living.

In order to make English more fun for all my students, I try and include some of my first-hand experiences into my lesson plans through speaking activities and games. Come on, let's have fun and help you achieve better English results at the same time! I don't want to be known as the "boring old English teacher", instead I hope to be remembered by any of my students as the complete opposite.  

However, we are in Hong Kong and speaking and listening are not the only important factors of English education here, so this is where my hobby comes in handy. I enjoy reading in my free time and always keep up to date on the latest news and current events, you may be asking, "What does that have to do with teaching me?" Well, you'd be surprised how important regular reading can be towards improving a wide variety of your English skills academically and for your day-to-day needs. 

By helping you find the right genre and style of the author and getting my students interested in and even hooked on reading, I have found that it helps comprehension, grammar, writing skills and vocabulary building. I wish I have enough space to explain the details, but you will have to wait to see me after the summer holidays if you want to know more, don't hesitate to approach me anytime. I am friendly, don't worry I won't bite.

I am also one of the teachers who are in charge of Students’ Career Guidance. My main role in the Career Guidance Department is as a counsellor for students who plan to study overseas. I give students valuable advice and assistance on enrollment in a wide range of Universities overseas.

Remember if you see me around campus feel free to say "Hello" and give your English conversational skills a boost at the same time. Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the summer holiday and can't wait to see which of you will be my students in September.

English Panel Head   

Mr. Chan Chi Chung

Hi! I’m Mr. Chan. I have been teaching English at secondary schools and universities for many years. I love teaching very much. I feel happy when my students improve their English and find learning English is full of fun. I like chatting with my students as a good student-teacher relationship is important. My wife is also an experienced English teacher at a secondary school. I have two daughters. My elder daughter is a doctor and my younger daughter is a consultant.