Practice Papers


Instructions to all students:

All students can collect and send the practice papers to your English teachers via email:

Practice Paper





Mr. Chan Chi Chung

S5(G3), S6(G2)

[email protected]

Ms. Chan Kit Ki

S1(G4), S2(G1), S4C

Ms. Chung Mei King S3(G6), S6C [email protected]

Ms. Chung Wing Yan

S3(G2), S5(G1), S6(G3)

Ms. Foo Fong Fei

S3(G5), 5C, 6D

Ms. Hui Wing Sze

S3(G1), S5(G2), S6 Speaking

Ms. Kung Chau Yin

S3(G4), S5D, S6(G1)

Ms. Sumerah Khan

S1(G1), S1(G5), S4(G3)

Ms. Kwok Po Yi

S1(G6), S4(G1)

Mr. Lok Chi Wai

S2(G5), S3(G3), 4D

Ms. Lee Nga Kit


[email protected]

Mr. Trevor Shepard S1-3 and S6 Speaking

Mr. Tse Wun Bong

S1(G3), S2(G3), S2(G4), S1 Speaking

Ms. Wu Hang Yiu Sharon

S1(G2), S2(G2), S2(G6)